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“TokyoZ” x “Permeance”

There is a professional basketball league in Japan, and this year we have started a new "B. League". To support our local team "Earth friends Tokyo Z" in Oota-ku, Tokyo, we produced special goods. It [...]

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Development of efficient production system for small business 

Permeance is developing a product manufacturing system with 3D printers.We are engaged in planning and production related business of products for consumers.We are continuing to develop production me [...]

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Electrochromic Device

Electrochromism is a phenomenon in which the color changes with electricity. Electronic devices applying this phenomenon have been researched and developed for over 20 years. We have chance to see th [...]

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Floating Pot Project

Someone said it would be nice if the plants were floating on the window glass. We have developed a magnet fastening method to realize such an idea. [...]

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WHAT IS BYOBU? “Furosaki Byoubu” has been a crucial part of the tea ceremony in Japan going back more than 400 years. SkyBlue originates from “Furosaki Byobu”. It is best described in English as a “s [...]

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SKYBLUE. Project Furniture for Healing

The SKY BLUE project is a global strategic project of small manufacturers in Japan. We aim to sell products that make use of excellent Japanese new technology, traditional technology, culture, natu [...]

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