We are an engineering team “Permeance”. It is operated by Towa Co., Ltd., a permanent magnet manufacturing company in Tokyo. Permeance is a term used in magnetism to express the ease of passing magnetic force. Like a stronger magnet, we want to connect people and make people more beautiful. With such wishes, we have given the team the name of “Permeance”.

Our works

Planning, development, and manufacture of magnet application products
Development of production system with 3D printers
Development of production method of electrochromic device(ECD)
Development and manufacture of ECD application products


Permeance Team History

April 2015 Permeance Team formed


Operating Company: Towa Co., Ltd.,

Representative Takehiro Sugaya(CEO)
Address 143-0015,4-14-11,Oomori-nishi,Oota-ku,Tokyo,Japan


Permeance Team

Contact Satoshi Shimizu(Manager)
Mail info@www.permeance108.com


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