TOWA Co.,Ltd.

Towa manufacturing is located downtown Tokyo, manufacturer of magnet. Towa also designs and manufactures SKYBLUE and SKYBLUE GLASS.


address  4-14-11,Oomori-nishi,Oota-ku,Tokyo,Japan

Forestry association Simanto at Kochi prefecture in Japan

This association has been existing along Shimato-river, which is famous as one of the beautiful and most clear stream in Japan. The frame of SkyBlue’s lumbers; the Japanese cypress has been harvested in this forest here for hundred years.


address 473-1,Taisyo,Shimanto Town,Takaoka-gun,Kochi,Japan

Shitsurindou Inc. at Fukui prefecture in Japan

Coating work with the Japanese lacquer to SkyBlue has been operated in this company. Its history of the company has been 8 generation and more than 200 years by maintaining very traditional technics. The company is located in north west side of Japan.


address 701, Nishibukurocho, Sabae-shi, Fukui, Japan

Special Thanks

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  (AIST), one of the largest public research organizations in Japan,  focuses on the creation and practical realization of technologies.AIST has developed and licensed basic technology of skyblue.


address  1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba 305-8560, Japan.

Kanto Chemical Co.,Inc.

Kanto Chemical has been developing and manufacturing highly competitive products
in the area of reagents, chemicals for electronics industry and diagnostics
as well as fine chemicals since the company’s establishment in 1944
with stringent systems for sophisticated quality controls.
Adress: 2-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi 2-chome,Chuo-ku, Tokyo,103-0022, Japan


Filming location ( top movie) : “Sumai-jyuku”, Tokyo headquarter.

“Sumai-jyuku” is a wonderful Japanese housing consultant team.

Tokyo headquarters of Sumai-jyuku is an old merchant house built in the late Edo era, their clients gather from all over Japan.

They provide beautiful houses that enrich the lives of their clients.



address 2-4-50, Honcho, Shiki-shi, Saitama, 353-0004, Japan