MATERIAL1.SKY BLUE GLASS The special features and uniqueness of SKYBLUE  come from a technology called electrochromic. The color of glass changes smoothly from blue to clear. The physics behind this is not so complicated: By sandwiching special gel ink be [...]

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MATERIAL2. HINOKI(Japanese cypress) We are using a wood called “Japanese Cypress” as the material for the frames of SKYBLUE. We call it “Hinoki” in Japanese, and it has been used for temples and shrines for more than 1300 years. For example, the famous Ho [...]

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MATERIAL3.URUSHI(Japanese lacquer) SKYBLUE is coated with Japanese lacquer. It is a natural paint produced by the varnish tree, and it has a long life durability. Some products which were coated with the Japanese lacquer paint more than several hundred yea [...]

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